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Established in 2003

Welcome to the site of Tremoceiro Advocates, a law firm located in St Helier, Jersey, in the Channel Islands. We have been looking after the interests of our clients since the firm was founded in 2003.

Together we have many years of legal experience, which helps us achieve our aim: to continue to provide clear, practical legal advice and obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Elsewhere in this site you can learn about the range of services we offer and the personnel who help to deliver those services. We hope you find the information helpful. You can also find us on Facebook. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Our service

We speak your language. Nós falamos a sua língua.

Tremoceiro Advocates offer a range of legal services to clients in English and Portuguese. Call our office and ask to speak to someone in Portuguese. Ligue para o nosso escritório e peça para falar com alguém em Português.

Criminal Litigation

We can assist, as we have assisted many clients, from the interview stage to, potentially, the Court of Appeal. We will analyse the evidence objectively and provide straighforward advice. We will constantly aim for, and work hard to achieve, the best possible outcome for our client, whether that be an acquittal or the most lenient sentence possible.

Family Law

When a family relationship breaks down there are a number of matters to consider and arrangements to make. Here at Tremoceiro Advocates we will help you work through these issues and we will endeavour to secure an amicable resolution wherever possible.