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Civil Litigation

Argument is part of the human condition.  In days gone by disputes led to feuds and even to wars.  In developed societies there are gentler mechanisms to settle disputes.  There are laws and courts to apply those laws.

The best advice in relation to any dispute (be it with your neighbour, customer, supplier or someone who negligently caused you damage – the scenarios of potential disputes are endless)  is to try to solve it by dialogue and negotiation.

If that fails, you may have to resort to the courts.   Before you do so, you should take legal advice.  That is where we can help.

Our approach is to give you clear practical advice about the strengths and, equally important, the weaknesses of your case.  Litigation is expensive, and we will help you to consider and explore alternatives to court proceedings.

All else failing, we will conduct proceedings on your behalf in the most efficient way possible, and focus at all times on achieving the best possible outcome for you.

We have the expertise and the experience.  We also have the common sense.

If you need advice in relation to an actual or potential dispute, please contact us.  Early intervention can save a lot of time, stress and expense.